August 12, 2016 - Canada's Immigration Minister intends to "substantially increase" the number of immigrants

During a speech to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Canada's Immigration Minister, John McCallum spoke of his intention to substantially increase the number of immigrants. 

Mr. McCallum stated, "the direction in which I would like to go is to increase substantially the number of immigrants. I think we need immigrants because we're aging, because we have labour shortages. And so that is the direction in which we are heading now".

The Minister also discussed plans to reform the Express Entry system, and the way immigrants are admitted, "so that we will be better equipped to bring in the best and the brightest from all over the world." On the list of priorities is international students. McCallum stated: 

Because I think if you asked who are the people in the world who would make the best future Canadians, I cannot think of a better answer than international students. They're young, they're educated, they speak English or French, they know something about the country. So why not reel them in? Well, we are. And we're going to make it easier for them to come in under Express Entry.

Speaking of caregivers specifically, McCallum also referenced a proposal which would help keep the recruitment of caregivers regulated, in order to limit bureaucracy and curb abuse. McCallum said:

the idea is that we have a new set of regulated companies whose job would be to recruit caregivers on behalf of Canadian families. And I think this would help both sides of the market. On the families' side, they'd have these companies to do the work of recruiting, so they wouldn't have all the hassle of dealing with the bureaucracy. And on the caregivers' side, the company would be their employer, so if there were a situation of abuse, or even bad relationship with one particular family, they could be moved to an alternative family.

This fall, the Minister plans to unveil a three-year immigration plan to grow the economy and encourage innovation. 

See the Minister's full speech here.